Free Credit Reports

Everyone in the United States has the right to obtain a free credit report. Free credit reports can help people keep their credit healthy. Free credit reports can also alert you to possible Identity theft. Many people do not understand how much information is collected about them every day.

The centralized credit reporting system has been in place for many years in the United States. There are three main credit reporting agencies. Each agency collects information about you every month. These three agencies are: TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. Almost all major business in the United States has an ongoing sharing agreement with one or all of these credit reporting agencies.

Often, a merchant agrees to share information about you in return for credit information about other people. Information is shared almost simultaneously. This centralized, shared credit reporting system is what gives us the opportunity to buy merchandise on credit in a very short time. An example would be purchasing a new car.

Free credit reports are available upon request because of legislation passed by our government. It is important for Americans to understand free credit reports are available upon request. Free credit reports can be obtained several ways. Some of them are:

  • Telephone: Call the credit reporting agencies and request a free credit report.
  • Internet: There is a centralized website available for individuals to request free credit reports from all three major credit reporting agencies at the same time. This website is
  • Writing: You can also request your free credit report in writing. Simply forward a written request for your free credit report to each reporting agency.

These are the main ways you can use to obtain a free credit report. Credit reporting has become big business. A wide variety of companies have been formed to help you monitor your credit. These companies offer many different programs set up to monitor your credit. They charge you a fee for their service. Everyone should know that they can request a free credit report every year.

Free credit reports are an important tool that can be used to keep your credit healthy.

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