Credit Card Bureaus

Credit card bureaus are part of the American landscape. They are a big part of the American economy. The credit card bureaus can help and harm our economy. They help the economy by providing centralized information about consumer credit scores. They can also be a part of bad credit practices in America.

Credit card bureaus are one of the number one companies selling our credit information. The credit card bureaus are the number one reason why we receive so many offers for credit cards. They sell our information to these credit card companies.

There are three major credit card bureaus in America. They are:

  • TransUnion
  • Equifax
  • Experian

These credit bureaus keep track of every credit transaction you have. The keep track when you are issued credit and when you are denied. They track your payment history. They track when you miss payments. They also track when you pay on time and early. Making payments on time or early help increase your credit score.

Credit card bureaus are required to give you one free credit report every year. You simply contact the company and request your free credit report. You should never supply more information than necessary to the credit card bureaus. The only need your name, social security number, your address, and your birth date. That is all the information you need to supply them.

Credit card bureaus routinely sell your information. Do not supply them with more information to sell. You should also know that you can opt out of credit card bureaus mailing programs. Call them and tell them you want to opt out and they must comply. This will keep you from getting so many credit card solicitations.

Credit card bureaus are all about making money. They do not have your best interest at heart. You should research your rights when dealing with credit card bureaus. Their mistakes have led to legislation that helps protect your valuable credit information. An example is keeping credit card bureaus from selling your information. Learn what your rights are when dealing with credit card bureaus.

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