Free Annual Credit Report

In the United States everyone can obtain a free annual credit report. Credit makes the financial world go round. Credit fuels the world economy. It can be the difference in owning a family home, or renting. Credit helps families who do not have large incomes purchase big ticket items. Credit cards can allow lower income families have more fulfilling lives.

Our credit is information compiled by three credit reporting agencies. These agencies start collecting data about our lives when we turn eighteen years old. Over the years, they will have a record of every issuance of credit in our lives. Because this information comes from so many different sources there are often errors. This can happen because of human input errors, or even computer errors. Often, there are often items on our credit report that is from another individual. The individual has used credit fraud to buy merchandise with credit in our name. This is usually referred to as Identity theft.

Identity theft can be a onetime small loan for credit, or it can be several loans for thousands of dollars. Because these individuals are not you, they have no intention of paying for the loans. The resulting defaulted credit is reported against you. Companies charge you and expect you to pay for the loans.

This has become a very big problem as so many people are using the Internet. One tool you can use to try and protect yourself is by requesting your free annual credit report. This free annual credit report allows you to monitor your credit and can help your protect yourself against Identity theft.

There are many credit report companies available now that offer Identity theft protection. You can protect yourself. Contact the three major credit reporting agencies and purchase their identity theft protection plan. These plans notify you if anyone is attempting to access your credit. You find out almost immediately and can stop fraudulent credit theft in its tracks. This is a very good program and should be looked into by everyone. Everyone should get their free annual credit report in order to protect themselves.

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