Free Credit Report

In America, everyone has access to a free credit report. It is the law. You have to right to obtain a free credit report from any credit reporting agency. This law is known as the (FCRA), or Fair Credit Reporting Act. The law was put into place to protect consumers against credit fraud and provide them an avenue of dispute. It should be clarified that the companies must provide one free credit report a year upon request. The exception is if you are denied credit.They must send you a free credit report if you are denied credit.

If you are denied credit, insurance, or employment based on your credit the company must send you a notice of denial. This notice must list any and all credit reporting agencies the Company used in order to make their decision.The denial notice must contain the following:

The denial notice must contain the name, address, and phone number of the credit reporting agency or agencies used.

To obtain your free credit report, call the number or numbers provided in the denial of credit letter. Once you are connected simply request your free credit report. You can also use the Internet to request your free credit report. There are three major credit reporting agencies in America. They are:

  • Equifax
  • Experian
  • TransUnion

These three companies have set up a centralized website that offers the opportunity to request your free annual report. Anyone who is unemployed may also request a free credit report. Few people know that many Employers use credit reports as part of their hiring criteria. It is possible that you were denied employment based on your credit report. If an employer denies you a job based on your credit they must inform you of this decision. This entitles you to a free credit report.

Obtaining your free credit report can help you monitor your credit. Free credit reports often alert people that their Identity may have been stolen. You should always monitor your credit for errors and fraud. A free credit report is the perfect way to protect your financial stability.

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