Consumer Credit Counseling

Consumer credit counseling is often offered free of charge in America today. Credit card companies and other merchant lenders pay consumer credit counseling firms to offer free help to people in financial trouble.

Many Americans do not realize that this counseling is available to them. Often financially challenged consumers are embarrassed to admit that they are in trouble. Even more frightening, the fact that most Americans do not know they are in financial trouble.

One of the counseling agencies that offer help is the National Foundation for Credit Counseling not for profit organization. People who need counseling can reach out to this foundation and they will be offered consumer credit counseling.

So how do you know if you need consumer credit counseling? These questions will help you decide:

  1. There are frequent arguments in the home about finances.
  2. You only pay the minimum credit card payments.
  3. The loan amounts on your credit cards increases every month.
  4. You are charging items on your credit card that you used to pay for in cash.
  5. You are hiding purchases from your spouse.
  6. You are depressed about your finances.
  7. You are habitually paying bills late.
  8. Monthly bills are skipped.
  9. Your savings are depleted.
  10. Your finances are affecting your home life.
  11. You have thought about filing bankruptcy.
  12. Debt begins to affect your employment; you are missing work.
  13. Loss of employment would lead to homelessness.
  14. You often pay bills with your credit cards.
  15. You use balance transfers every month.
  16. You have no emergency savings available.
  17. You often do not even open your mail.

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions you may need consumer credit counseling. Consumer credit counseling will help you learn how to deal with your financial problems. Consumer credit counseling will not get rid of your debt, but it will help you form a plan to deal with it.

Credit problems are like an addiction to drugs. The first step in beating credit problems is admitting you have them. Consumer credit counseling will help you formulate a plan to slowly eliminate your debt. Consumer credit counseling will teach you how to live within your means.

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